Getting Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen

While cockroaches in bathroom are a bit scary a bit, finding them in the kitchen is very annoying. So I decided to discuss with you the art of getting rid of cockroaches in kitchen. And the basic action to take in order to avoid re-infestation of the pest.

Get rid of cockroach foods.
Even as we can find american cockroaches rarely in the kitchen, german cockroaches are much common which feed on foods left out, vegetables, onions and other species with charming smells. So the deal here is to get rid of everything that can bring about their infestation. Avoid keeping unwashed plates. In getting rid of cockroaches in kitchen, you have to look for the point of concentration of there breed. Make it unfavourable to them by having a cover to every food item. Keep the kitchen tidy enough to discourage cockroaches from living.

What I do personally to get rid of cockroaches in my kitchen is to separate food ingredients from the entire food items. Put them on an upper cabinet and observe the source of the insects. When I found the trafficing around the cooker, I make sure that I keep the surrounding clean. And if still I see the movement of cockroaches around my cooker, I simply apply some poisonous insecticide on the floor, sometimes mixed with some food or water to get them poisoned. I use borax to poison many at a time.

For Example, If one cockroach has being trapped by the poison by eating or drinking from the food I kept, then when he died, his carcass would also be poisonous in the sense that when the other cockroaches eat it, they also would be poisoned. This is my first way to get rid of roaches in the kitchen without bothering much about exterminators or other home remedies with a slower effect.

Lights should be on throughout the night.
Another clever method I was told by a friend is leaving the lights on throughout the night. But based on researches and observations, I realized that putting the lights on should happen after you cleaned everything the best you can and restricting them from coming out any longer. So if your kitchen light is colourful or not as bright as the flouriscent candle, go and look for a more brighter torch and keep it on for the entire night. This is just to keep them away from food and water to die of starvation between the cracks.

Cockroaches are very allergic to light in the sense that they cannot live healthy with a light flashed on the for upto 5 hours. So they will do there best to avoid it by staying in there hiding place.

Dry All Wet Materials and roach Puddings.
Sink and other wetty places in the kitche are very good reason why you find cockroaches in the kitchen. So in order to get rid of cockroaches and avoid any future infestation. Create a habit of damping every wetty area before you go to bed so that cockroaches will not have water to drink in your kitchen. Alternatively, drying might be a bit a hardwork and exhaustive since you have to do it daily to avoid and get rid of the ones you have, get some borax powder and mix it in a cup of water. Sprinkle the water on the sink and other places that cockroaches are likely to go looking for drinking water. To make it more prone for their killing, sprinke it on the floor near the corners of the kitchen also. On drinking the water you are going to find only carcasses to sweep out in the morning.

Allowing Spider Inside the Kitchen.
This sounds very out of place, but sincerely spiders can help you get rid of german cockroaches more faster than any home remedy you know. It is like bringing a wild act in the house when suffering from mice or rat infestation. Spiders can go and look for german roaches in the kitchen at cracks and crevics to eat them up for food. Fortunately, spiders do not live directly on food items like cockroaches, so it is a good step to take in getting rid of cockroaches in the kitchen fast and naturally.

Burn Carbon Paper And Lock everywhere each night.
This research was made recently about the effect of carbon paper burning smell on the lungs of cockroaches. It keeps them irritated in the sense that a cockroach would be out of control for more than 2 hours. Sometimes it kills, but the research has not come to this conclusion. So if they find out that the most irritating substance is their right in the kitchen they won't stay for another might to experience the same miserability on their nostrils.

So Irritate their breath by burning a carbon paper in the room and closing everywhere for the entire night. Understand that this can work every where to get rid of roaches where air inlet and outlet can be controlled.