How to Get Rid Of Wood Roaches Naturally

Some types of roaches as good wood eaters and so preferably infest furnitures. Here's how to get rid of wood roaches naturally without the need of agricultural chemicals or pesticides.

wood roaches pictures

First of all, wood roaches are a bit darker go colour than american roaches but still smaller in size. Most of this wood pests have a life cycle that is rather predictable by just looking.

They are also bigger than adult german roaches a bit. This is why most people mistake german roaches to wood roaches. So if you're looking for how to get rid of wood roaches you also need to understand it is, for better eradicative success.

How to get rid of wood roaches at home

From our massive home remedies to get rid of roaches, we have come to realization that some combination of kitchen products is all it takes to kill many house pets.

Remove all furnitures outside under the sun for the whole day to eradicate them due heat. In a mild encroaching condition, this might be the only step to get rid of wood roaches as flexible and simple.

Although it is less popular to find wood roaches infesting indoors, if you find them on frames, ceiline or anything wooden the following remedies would help.

Mix an equal proportio of baking soda with sugar inside a considerable sized plate. Add some water to make some watery paste of the toxic roach killer.

Sprinkle or just pour all over the wood and points of infestation. Observe their paths and routes to also spread around.

Eventually, the baking soda is very toxic to their system and kills roaches in minutes. The sugar is useful to attract them. Honey could an alternative even without any artificial product.

How to get rid of wood roaches outside

Salt Water. This simple natural way to get rid of wood roaches can be used on woods that don't react bad to wetting and drying. But fortunately, most woods infected by roaches are dry and so there's less risk in furniture disruption.

Mix surplus salt of any kind inside a hot water and pour across the wood. The hot hot liquid helps the salt to penetrate inside the wood easily.

For how to get rid of wood roaches naturally, this is a doubled edge measure. First it kills roaches instantly. Secondly it keeps the wood immuned to roaches infestation for a longer time.

Allow the wood to stay wet for 48 hours before sunlight exposure. This step is not necessary, but it contributes alot to the perfection of your effort.

How to get rid of wood roaches faster

From different measures of cure, there's always a superior due respect. It might be the natural measure, while it can exceed.

Researches have shown that wood cockroaches are attracted to light unlike other german and american types. So it is abnormal to find them indoors and if you do, provide natural light by opening windows to get them out manually.

Diatomaceous Earth is our next option is you are looking for how to get rid of wood roaches really fast. Spray across the wood and other parts of the floor.

Pennsylvania Woodroach which has nothing to do indoors can be killed using cayenne pepper mixed with water. You only need smaller proportion of this spice to get rid of roaches faster.

How to prevent wood roaches

Caulk all cracks with Caulking gun. Using some sand mixed with baking soda is always fine repellent measure. Once done you need to take second tour in investigating your home to make sure all pests are out of place.

Apart from the natural Ways to get rid of wood roaches you can opt for borax or other insect pesticides and spread the powdered form along crevices.

Get rid of all organic substances in the kitchen and other wood places. Consider offing the light in your room whenever you're out or in the night to be less attractive to roaches encroachment. Learning how to get rid of wood roaches naturally, it is good to avoid bringing wood indoors.