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Roaches Pictures Of Different Types - Pictures Of Cockroaches Species

On this page we are going to see the pictures of many different kind of cockroaches. Starting from american roaches pictures, wood roaches pictures, water bugs pictures (compared to cockroaches), roaches pictures of different types.

Pictures of cockroaches

pictures of cockroaches

What you can see above is the picture of american Roaches. The first adult and the other, youth. You can eradicate this types of pests through intensive usage of chemicals.

pictures of cockroaches species

This is a specie I've never seen in the physical. The rice and shape resembles american Roaches while the colour seems to go for bugs or german type.

pictures of cockroaches

This refers to the colony of german Roaches. Black in colour and a bit smaller in size. They usually attack the wood, cupboards and other bedroom furnitures. pictures of cockroaches species

pictures of cockroaches species pictures of cockroaches species

This are obviously dead cockroaches pictures judging by the red sign of attack through the technique used to get rid of Roaches.

Pictures of cockroaches species - American roaches pictures

american roaches pictures

american roaches pictures

Wow american Roaches is the biggest among cockroaches species and bright red in colour. Although you can easily find the dark one among, mostly are blood red in colour like the one above - american roaches pictures.

american roaches pictures

It is said to be american Roache due my research but it clearly resembles german Roaches in both size and colour. On your search for pictures of cockroaches species, you might come across many kind of Roaches that can always confuse the difference.

pictures of cockroaches species

Another good example among the pictures of american Roaches on this page. Look at the tail carefully, how shape and straight, then compare with german Roaches.

american roaches pictures

The diagram above shows you exactly what you need to know in order to differentiate between american Roaches and other types of bugs. It's all about american roaches pictures and it's species.

cockroaches pictures Last but not the least on our lists of american roaches pictures, observe the head. It has a very tail like pin that always glows in the moon. It shows the presence of american Roaches even from afar.

Pictures of cockroaches species - Wood roaches pictures

wood roaches pictures

Obviously, wood roaches vary in colours as a result of different types of wood we have. Even though am not too certain of this fact, you can see that the above picture consist of roaches of different sizes, colours and body structures. But we can only add them under -- pictures of cockroaches species showing wood roaches pictures.

wood roaches pictures

YES, the short black thing above is a wood roache. If look closely, you may recognize some dark red colour around it's bodies. Among the wood roaches pictures, this is the darkest but still falls into the category of pictures of cockroaches species.

wood roaches pictures in the house

THIS is the talest black among the wood roaches pictures that indicates the realness of the effect of wood on this roaches. Remember, they eat woods, live in it and inhabitate the area from generation to generation until when eradicated or when the wood is no more.

Wood roaches pictures

Like all other pictures of cockroaches species, this one is also gotten from the nature website. You can see how dark it is as it's been carried with a white skinned hand. The pests are small indeed but not as small as bed bugs. Still the above wood roaches pictures have shown us different kinds of bodies.

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