What To Do When You Find a Cockroach

Want to know the first action to take when you find a cockroach? Regardless of where you are am going to teach you what to do when you find a cockroach.

It may be on your bed, cupboard, kitchen, toilet or bathroom. Everything you choose to do with it goes according to your instincts and what you take cockroaches to be. So if they are irritating and want to get them out of the place, you can by following our simple method eradication but if you like cockroaches, alas you've find them for good. We shall explain the positive and beneficial ways to on what to do when you find a cockroach. So let it be according to your wish, ours is giving you the option and suggesting the best method.

Viewing Roaches as Irritative and Poisonous.
Nobody on earth wants to stay with irritative pests around his home especially cockroaches. If you find them inside your cupboard there's no need to say the first action to take is to see them no more. So here are the best method to kill, destroy and limit their survival.

Roach Sprays to destroy them.
While using roach sprays to get rid of cockroaches you should always consider the health factors that follow after every chemical contaminations. If its in the kitchen that you find the cockroach it is better to use other methods of killing rather than contaminating your food and poisoning yourself instead of cockroach. If its in the toilet, good. Spray the chemical on every corner where roaches may be hidding and holes to reach to them before they could escape. If you find cockroaches inside your books cupboard, they are there to eat papers, likewise for clothes, they are the german types that live on fabrics.

Remove everything from the cupboard and polish the inside with the roach spray or just spray all over the wood. Leave it for atleast an hour to dry, then move your materials and you are free from cockroaches at that area.

Repel cockroaches in bedrooms, kitchen or apartment.
Since we don't want to poison our home or food places due to high risk there is always alternative to repel them by using smells that irritates them. Hedge apple is a number one cockroach repel that works fine in kitchen and living room or other closed ventilated rooms. This can be used in stores to avoid many pests that have the same attributes as of cockroaches. Hedge apple is also known as osage orange and can be used to repel cockroaches by cutting the citrus into two and placing it anywhere the smell can accumulate the room, especially near the window.

Peppermint castile soap mixed with water to be staired vigorously can be sprinked or more easily putted inside a spray and spray it all over the room to make the smell more intense to repel cockroaches from entering room. Eucalyptus oil works but can stain clothings more easily. So consider what is suitable and available for use to eliminate cockroaches whether you found them in the kitchen, sitting room, office or bedroom.

Another form of repellent falls into the category of herbs. Volatile oils, stewed cucumber peels and catnip are the three herbs confirmed to repel cockroaches. Moreover, volatile oils can be made out of crushed bay leaves which are more effective to our task. Sprinke along doorways, corners, upper part of the room, cupboards, cabinets and any obvious source where the rest of cockroaches may be hidding. If you find them in a particular place and observe where they traffic, you can pour some pepper powder to irritate their nose.

Killing Cockroach When You Find One.
When you find cockroach where it is obvious that his colleagues are around the area, kill it and crush it into pieces and place it where they might see. Study has shown that cockroach are so sensitive to their dead ones and would be signaled to leave that area totally in order to avoid the same thing happening for the second time. Since it isn't pleasant to man, this should be carried out only where you less attend. The smell do alot to repel insects and other cockroaches therefore making your home a NO to another infestation pest such as roaches.

Liquid insecticide spray.
Insecticide sprayer can be a quick and less straining method to get rid of roaches since it is all about spray and that's all. You need to find out where the real infestation starts before spraying the area with the insect repellent, killer or any type of liquid insecticide spray that can kill a fly, it can kill a simple cockroach.

Cockroaches have a real charming nutritional value. It has good amount of fats behind its neck, which always mean a greater number of calories to be gotten from cockroaches. The only drawback is cockroaches also have great number of bacterias that can make you ill, if not I should recommend eating them all.